About HSD

Hoondert (HSD) has clustered the various disciplines in dedicated subsidiaries to serve our clients as best as possible.

Hoondert Services & Decommissioning BV (HSD) is focusing on the following North Sea related activities:

  • Dismantling and recycling of ships, shipwrecks and offshore installations
  • Refurbishment of offshore installations
  • NORM services; dismantling, decontamination, waste storage and logistics
  • Transportation, loading, assembly and storage of maritime structures
  • Support of maritime, offshore and wind energy projects
  • Support and storage for maritime emergencies
  • Ship cleaning & maritime waste

We operate the HSD yard in Flushing with direct and unrestricted access to the North Sea. The HSD yard is well equipped with heavy lift capacity and optimized to be a multipurpose land sea interface. Keywords: dismantling, recycling, reuse, refurbishment, hazardous waste, NORM, assembly of large structures, special projects, mobilization.

We are committed to the highest environmental and safety standards and built up an excellent track record in projects for oil & gas companies, shipping, heavy lift and salvage companies.

Please click here to download our HSD Company Policy: Company Policy 

Please click here to download following HSD certificates: Certificates

  • ISO14001 – Environment
  • ISO 9001 – Quality
  • VCA – Safety
  • ISPS – Port Security
  • NIWO – Trading and transporting waste