HSD Office

Early 2018 HSD moved into its new office. The office itself in fact is not new. It was the first aid post of the hospital of the city of Flushing. This hospital was partially demolished by one of the companies in the Hoondert Group. The first aid post was a modular office still in a reasonable condition. It was an excellent opportunity to practice what we preach. The office was relocated to our yard, built up again and thoroughly refurbished. It now accommodates offices, cantina, locker rooms and meeting rooms. Heating is provided by heat pumps.

To take it one step further; Energy is generated with 72 solar panels that became obsolete from another offshore decommissioning program. This makes the office an energy neutral building. To be honest; that is on an annual average bases. In the summer we produce more energy than we consume and in the winter we still partially need to rely on the grid. Furthermore the office has two charging points for electric vehicles.